Drive for Cammeo

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Why drive for Cammeo?



Great money

Great money

You like hanging out with people, night or morning rides around town? You know the city like the back of your hand and traffic jams are just proof that you drive better than the rest? Great, turn this into profit! Drive for Cammeo, ensure a permanent position and a great income.


We provide training for everything (that matters)

You never worked as a taxi driver? Don’t worry, we will train you at our taxi academy. It’s up to you to be motivated to make money.


So simple

Don’t worry about a vehicle and other details. That is our job. You just need to apply! See you soon!


More than a ride!

Our mission is more than just passenger transportation. We connect nice people, business partners, help the elderly in their daily tasks, help the environment and look after our young people so they can get home safely.